At Sotheby's exhibited a unique portrait of Peter I

At Sotheby's exhibited a unique portrait of Peter IAt Sotheby's auction November 1 will be issued a unique miniature portrait of Peter the great, adorned with diamonds, reports Assocaited Press.9-inch oval, which is a portrait of Peter I, St. Andrew's bandaged tape. On its edges are scattered several large diamonds, and crowned his Imperial crown.Experts believe this miniature very rare thing, with considerable historical significance. There were made 10 of these portraits, and they belonged either to Peter I, or persons from his entourage.The portrait was owned by one American family out of Arizona since 1951. It was then that one of their now-deceased relatives bought it in London some antiquary. The family did not even know about the exceptional value of a portrait and over the years have put him on the shelf for all to see as an interesting trinket.The last time this portrait was sold at Guccione Christie's in 2001. Читать полностью -->

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy broke up

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy broke upActor Jim Carrey and former cover girl of Playboy magazine Jenny McCarthy broke up. The couple announced the news on their pages on the social network Twitter.Former lovers thanked each other for the years spent together and noted that the separation will benefit both of them."Jenny and I have just ended our five year relationship. I am grateful to her for a lot of what we've been through, and I wish her all the best! So, everything is fine!" - wrote on his page Kerry.Less than half an hour showed up and McCarthy. The woman was almost a repeat kind words Kerry: "I am very grateful for the years Jim and I were together. I'll save the attachment to Jane and will always keep Jim in your heart, as for me the main man".Jane is a 22-year-old daughter Kerry from his first marriage with actress Melissa Womer. In February, the girl gave birth to a son Jackson. Читать полностью -->

Doronin paid Naomi Campbell training in Ibiza

Doronin paid Naomi Campbell training in IbizaVladislav Doronin has paid tuition Naomi Campbell DJ craft in Ibiza. Twist records supermodel teaches Russian DJ Atomix.Leaving carro stars of the catwalk, Naomi Campbell can't sit around on the ruble and gradually become an ordinary wife of an oligarch. To appease his beloved, millionaire Vladislav Doronin had sent her on an iconic Spanish island of Ibiza, so there's Naomi gave a master class of playing the turntables. In the master, "the black Panther" selected native of Volgograd DJ Atomix, in the world Stanislav Popov.Naomi is not going to learn just for myself, " he told the club Amnesia in Ibiza, where are the lessons for miss Campbell. - She wants to become a professional DJ and travel the world with their sets. Source: Doronin paid Naomi Campbell training in Ibiza. Читать полностью -->

`Avatar` has set a new record

`Avatar` has set a new recordThe James Cameron film "Avatar" has set a new record. This time it is about the number of sold disc editions of the picture.As Comingsoon reports with reference to the official press release of 20th Century Fox in North America for the first four days of sales were sold four million DVDs and 2.7 million Blu-ray discs.Thus, it improved the achievement of the previous record holder - the film "the Dark knight". It is worth noting that the film Christopher Nolan has achieved 2.5 million Blu-ray discs only 18 months since appearing on store shelves.Recall that the "Avatar" went on sale in the international Earth Day, celebrated April 22.In August 2010 James Cameron plans to release in hire of the Director's cut of the picture, which will contain several new episodes. At the time of this writing box office "Avatar" exceeded $ 2.7 billion. Source: "Avatar" has set a new record. . Читать полностью -->

Sobchak made a scene on the set of `Dancing with the stars`

Sobchak made a scene on the set of `Dancing with the stars`Ksenia Sobchak, who very clearly gave all to understand that his partner on the project "dancing with the stars" Eugene papunaishvili she will never give up, arranged a scandal during the filming of the next release of the program.As it became known Showbiz Life, the producers of the show invited the participants to change partners, so that the audience voted for one of the resulting vapor. But the imperious MS Sobchak, on hearing this, quickly organized the organizers of the project such spacing that shook even the walls of Mosfilm.- Sorry, but I don't want to dance with anyone else, because for me the project is Zhenya told categorically Sobchak. - I am very happy that thanks to the dancing became acquainted with this remarkable man. Let's all dance with different partners, and in the end will declare that you are Ksenia Sobchak and Eugene papunaishvili! Source: Sobchak made a scene on the set of "Dancing with the stars"". . . Читать полностью -->

Misha Barton `finances sing romances`

Misha Barton `finances sing romances`The case with Hollywood starlets Mischa Barton day by day getting worse and worse. Last week came the news that the actress has listed his home in Hollywood, because no longer can contain it.Because of problems with drugs and nervous breakdowns actress long is invited to play in profitable projects, and finances sing romances". But no one imagined it was that bad - the other day the girl couldn't afford to pay at the store for food.Paparazzi watched as dropping in with a friend in a supermarket Misha grabbed off the shelf package with ready-made pasta. The actress was so hungry he began to eat them while standing in the checkout line. When it came her turn to pay, Misha confidently gave the cashier a credit card. However, that was not what was on the credit card has insufficient funds to pay for the pasta!Confused Misha pulled from her purse a second credit card, but it was rejected. Читать полностью -->

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